My name is Joe and like I said, I play bass.

I have been playing music since I was about 16 or 17. Damn, that's over 30 years ago! I started out playing guitar but in 1999 played bass in a country band and have (since the winter of 2001) acknowledged my calling as a Bass Player. It has been an incredibly educational and humbling experience. But I do love it and am very happy with it.


Here I am groovin' to the music...many, many moons ago! (I wish I still had that amp!)

This is Larry and I at Platinum Catering during a New Years Eve gig (2006-2007). I think this was taken while Daphne and I were doing 'Fever'.

Flash Music Player

'Drive This Dark' is a more recent tune I recorded on my digital 16-track machine. It is kind of sparse but I like all the sonic space. I also like how clean it sounds.

Studio - Guitar

This is my favorite guitar, a Yamaha SG2000. An awesome instrument.

I had fun replacing the neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover and the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.

This pic was taken at Howard Amon park in June (2008 I think). It was the hottest day of the summer at the time. We decided to play under the trees instead of on the Fingernail Stage. Even though it was still hot it was a great gig.